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Are you drinking Authentic Matcha?


Matcha Panda  

                  Was founded by owner Tamakiたまきin 2018, where he discovered how Matcha in the U.S. isn't

quite the same as where he grew up in Uji, Japan. Color is the biggest immediate factor in assessing the

quality of Matcha. Tamaki experienced that U.S. Matcha was often a dull green color with mediocre filtration

and unpleasant sharpness; all of which indicate that the Matcha is low in antioxidants and well past its prime.


                 Our Matcha teas are made using the finest leaves cultivated in the mountains of Kyoto, and are

characterized by a rich aroma, mellow umami, and vibrant green color. You will undoubtedly be left

appreciating a natural sweet nuttiness, a touch of bitterness, and a pleasant savory ending.


                We specialize in (but are not limited to) mille crepe cakes, cream puffs, iced drip teas, and freshly

ground specialty coffees. All our products DO NOT contain any added sugar, glucose syrups, commercial

syrups, color additives, or artificial flavor powders. 

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